Our mission

ELEN is a network of law firms, mostly European – composed of lawyers, accountants and tax consultants – all of medium size and operating together in the various countries of the Union.

Thanks to the network, the professionals of the ELEN network are able to provide specialist advice to their clients in international and, more precisely, European matters; but also in matters that require the application of the law of another country represented on the network, with the specific in-depth analysis required thanks to the close and daily collaboration with colleagues from that country, interested from time to time. The customer, speaking in his own language to the lawyer of Elen of his country, will therefore be assisted abroad exactly as if he had conferred the professional mandate to a lawyer of the foreign country, with all the consequent advantages and without increase in costs.

In addition to the consulting activities, the members of the ELEN network judicially assist their clients in all the jurisdictions of the countries where the network’s member firms are present, respecting the characteristics common to all: a personalized and proactive service at the same time, intended for ordinary customers, in all matters of law, both commercial law (company law, commercial law, labor law, tax law, etc.) and civil law (family law, inheritance law, etc.).

ELEN also aims to promote within it the development of the legal skills of each member firm of the network as well as the continuous development of the practice of international and comparative law, in particular through the exchange of professionals during the performance of their specific work activities carried out in common and also through internships and internships carried out in interchange within the other Studies belonging to the network in the different Countries.


ELEN is a network that associates lawyers, economists and tax advisors, regularly registered with the professional associations they belong to in their own country, as members of medium-sized firms (around 10/20 professionals) who are interested in operating in different countries and who can guarantee the personalized and direct contact with the customer.

For each country, in particular those belonging to the EU, the Assembly of the network elects a Study that for the qualities covered will be destined to represent the entire Country of belonging within the association and to organize in it, also in other cities in addition to its own office, all the necessary professional activity.

The ELEN network brings together experts with consolidated experience in services to European and international companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing rapid and personalized assistance to customers, including private ones.

The professionals partner of ELEN are authorized to assist clients in the various countries present in the network ahead of all the jurisdictions, even superior ones, and also in the field of arbitration and ADR, including Mediation.

The official language inside the network is French and, generally, all internal communications take place in that language; however, this does not exclude the need to use other languages ​​from time to time. The main legal subjects we deal with are:

  • Civil and international law
  • Inheritance Law and Trusts
  • Family law
  • Labor law
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Corporate consultancy, including international
  • Distribution law
  • Industrial property and unfair competition
  • Bankruptcy law and assistance in insolvency proceedings
  • Civil and labor litigation
  • Arbitration, ADR and civil and commercial mediation
  • Social security law
  • Administrative law
  • Tax law